The Fearless Living

In this post, I’m going to share the two most interesting things I’ve learned through 5 cohorts of Fearless Mastery so far (each cohort is 5 months long):

  1. Going deep requires support
  2. Running together, we create something powerful

Going Deep Requires Support

The people who’ve jumped into Fearless Mastery have been courageous in their willingness to work deeply with their patterns that show up when they put themselves into uncertainty. I’ve been incredibly inspired by them!

When we step out into the unknown, we tend to tense up, and look for guard rails. Tell me what to do, give me a guide, let me go under the covers and hide and judge myself. It’s freaking scary!

What I’ve learned is that you can’t do this kind of transformative work alone. I’m someone who resists this truth – I want to hide the stuff I’m struggling with and figure it out on my own, so I don’t have to embarrass myself. This kind of hubris is so human! But over and over, I’ve been humbled. I have found I can’t do the hardest things in the unknown, without support.

When people come into Fearless Mastery, they’re usually hoping for a guide, for information, for answers. But what they find, every time, is that they didn’t need more information or how-tos. They needed support to go deeper.

People have shifted lifelong patterns of avoiding their meaningful work, of getting stuck in indecision and self-doubt, of taking care of everyone else but themselves, of avoiding difficult conversations, of putting off uncomfortable things. It’s some of the most moving stuff in the world.

Running Together

The other thing I’m so inspired by is how powerful it is to run together. Like a wolf pack, or a team helping each other get to the finish line.

In Fearless Mastery, people form lifelong bonds, and genuinely care about each other’s struggles and success. I can’t overstate how important this is! We don’t often have people like that in our lives — people who are not only rooting for our success but actively helping to make it happen.

If you don’t have that already, then it’s possible to intentionally create that. But it’s not easy. In Fearless Mastery, people often have the experience of feeling like they finally found their people. It’s a feeling of belonging, of people having your back, of finally feeling understood.

When you have this in your life, all of a sudden you become more courageous. You have a feeling of trust, in each other and in yourself. Not trust that everything will work out perfectly, but that you can handle the bumps in the road, because you’ve got support. This trust and feeling of running with others is a huge force multiplier.

What would it be like if you suddenly levelled up your purpose work with this kind of a pack running with you?

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